What to Do If You Get in a Car Accident

Joplin Police Department reports a recent increase in traffic accidents. With this increased number of traffic crashes in the Joplin area, you and your family should know what to do if you are in an accident. According to the recent traffic reports, the high increase...

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Missouri Civil Suit Statutes of Limitations

Personal injury civil statutes vary from case-to-case.   If you are going to file a civil lawsuit, you have to abide by your state’s statute of limitations. Each state places a cap on the length of time its residents have to file a lawsuit.  This is called a...

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Four Ways To Stay Safe In Missouri Waters

Shelly Dreyer shares boat safety best practices.   My family and I are avid boaters.  Our quality family time in the summer is on the water.  Every time I hear about a death or injury on the water, my heart breaks because I know that someone’s family outing has...

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